• Academic Papers and Workshops


    Collegium Institute, University of Pennsylvania (March 2023): Two in-depth workshops on Houselander’s The Dry Wood


    Collegium Institute, University of Pennsylvania (January 2023): Workshop on ‘The Lost Women: Recovering the other English Catholic Literary Revival’, with Bonnie Lander Johnson


    University of Dallas, Catholic Imagination Conference (September 2022): ‘Rewriting the Catholic Literary Canon’


    Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain (July 2022): ‘The Women Writers of the Catholic Literary Revival’


    Oxford University, Self-Sacrificing Love and Love of the Self: An Enduring Conundrum (February 2020): ‘Sacrifice and the Self: A Christian Mystery of Love’


    Katholische Akademie in Berlin, Tauchgang (March 2017): ‘Maria voll der Gnade’ (‘Mary full of grace’)


    Saint Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth, Grace: A Liberating Gift? (November 2016): ‘Suffering is the Price of Love: On Love’s Relation to Sin and Death’


    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Relation, Vulnerability, Love: Theological Anthropology in the 21st Century (September 2016): ‘Suffering is the Price of Love: On Love’s Relation to Sin and Death’


    Oxford University, Paul Tillich: Theology and Legacy (July 2014): Tillich’s Account of Love: Re-visiting ‘Selfless Love’



    University of Hertfordshire, Workshop on the Philosophy of Love (August 2013): Love as Selfless Desire: A Murdochian Perspective


    Conference of the European Society of Catholic Theology, Brixen, God in Question: Religious Languages and Secular Languages (August 2013): 'The Rise and Fall of Angels. An Experiment in Theological Anthropology'


    K.U. Leuven and the ‘Katholische Akademie Berlin’, Politics of Love. Liebe als politische Herausforderung (March 2013): 'Politics, Love and the Inner Life'


    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Anthropos Forum (January 2013): 'Desire and Vision. Problems of Conversion'


    University of Oxford, Modern Theology Seminar Series (May 2010): 'Eros and the Self in the Thought of Iris Murdoch'


    University of Nottingham, The Inheritance of Plato in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (May 2010): 'Eros, Self-loss and Self-gift'


    University of Bonn, Bonn-Oxford Conference (July 2009): Response to paper: 'Between Agape and Eros: Same-Sex Relationships in the Orthodox Church in the 21st Century'


    University of Cambridge, The Future of the Secular (May 2009): Response to paper: 'How Secular is the Secular?'


    University of Oxford, Theology and the Arts (September 2008): 'Iris Murdoch’s and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Responses to the Decline of Traditional Theism'